The codices

The only official reproductions of the manuscripts and drawings of Leonardo da Vinci

- Limited edition of 998 hand numbered examples for the whole world

- Notarised certificate to confirm the limited numbers printed and number assigned

- Certificate guaranteeing the original and unrepeatable nature of the work

These particular features, added to its intrinsic beauty, ensure the uniqueness and prestige of the Giunti Editore edition.

Every codex, divided into manuscripts and drawings, can be viewed:

This exclusive facsimile edition of the Leonardo codex collection has captured the interest of many keen and astute investors as well as scholars and libraries; not to mention frontrunners in the fields of politics and show-business such as former Spanish premier Felipe Gonzales, Franco Zeffirelli and Francis Ford Coppola, who likes to be photographed with his complete collection of Giunti's edition of the Manuscripts and Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci in the background.

To guarantee that the end result is 100% faithful to the original codices, and this includes employing the right ink tones and type of paper in use at the time of the manuscripts and drawings, a special colour scale for printing has been perfected, changing the traditional printing to the four-colour process. Every edition of the Leonardo codices comes with a transcription book to make the texts easier to read and understand. About 250 special characters have been devised for these transcriptions in order to copy some of the signs that Leonardo used in his notes and which would otherwise be impossible to reproduce.

Discovering at first hand the works of Leonardo da Vinci, his universal mind, intellectual curiosity, talent for observation and invention is an adventurous and exciting experience that takes you through the immensity of the drawings, illustrations, manuscripts, notebooks and diaries he filled during the course of his existence. This body of works known as the Leonardo codices is reproduced here in its entirety in a facsimile edition identical to the original.

Looking through Leonardo's Atlantic Codex you will be astonished by the avant-garde inventions of war machines or work machinery and you will admire the splendid anatomy drawings, his study of the proportions of the Vitruvian Man, and a preparatory drawing for the Last Supper. As you look at the Hammer, or Codex Leicester, (bought in 1994 by Bill Gates) you will discover invaluable information about his studies of astronomy and, in the Trivulziano Codex, a complete series of comic caricatures executed by the genius of Leonardo.

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